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Black Skin Beauty of the Month

Hello all, My name is Anne, and I am very elated to be chosen as the Black Skin Beauty for the month of May.  My purchases were the “Oatmeal Milk and Honey Natural Soap”  and the “Rejuvenation Spearmint Natural Soap”   These products are absolutely amazing.  The Oatmeal soap gives me an exfoliating feel with every stroke which I love, and the scent is mild.  The Spearmint soap is very smooth, and gives a burst of mint scent.  No turning back for me, my skin has never felt better.  I highly recommend! Black Skin Beauty Strong! Cheers! 

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About Me & Why Black Skin Beauty

Black Skin Beauty offers a premier collection of beauty products. Our signature line offers bath spa sets and natural body oils. The brand also features an exclusive men’s line offering beard oil, hygiene wash, and shea butter lotion. Since our establishment in 2010, we have evolved into heavily focusing on creating mostly organic beauty care products. Our products are handmade with naturally occurring ingredients. We maintain our belief that beauty products can be effective without the excessive use of chemicals

The name Black Skin Beauty came about because we saw a need to create a beauty brand that appreciates and embraces Black and Brown women. We wanted to create a space for Black and Brown women to be celebrated and not tolerated. Women of color get excluded from the beauty conversation and, this starts during childhood. Too often, the exclusion triggers thoughts of feeling unaccepted or not being enough.

Our brand focuses on the fact that when you see yourself as beautiful, you look within for acceptance. That self-acceptance generates beauty within which radiates on the outside. It’s easy to radiate beauty when you love and accept yourself! While our brand is called Black Skin Beauty, we understand self-acceptance is a universal desire, so our signature products are available for all, of every skin tone and type, to love and enjoy

We are committed to helping people enhance their outer beauty that exists first on the inside. We keep this promise by using natural ingredients to create beautiful products.

When you think natural we want you to think Black Skin Beauty products because our products are gentle, natural and homemade.  We are always Paraben, Gluten and Cruelty Free!

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